Thursday, April 7, 2011

Welcome to the Ugly Things Blogspot

A short introduction for those who don't know who or what we are. UGLY THINGS is a rock'n'roll fanzine—yeah, a real PRINT fanzine. We've been publishing since 1983 covering what we like to call "wild sounds from past dimensions": the best lost, unknown and overlooked music of the 1960s and beyond. Published twice a year, each issue features around 200 pages of in-depth features, exclusive interviews, rare photos and more, including a massive review section sifting through hundreds of CD and vinyl reissues as well as music-related books and DVDs. 

Bands and artists we have covered include: Them, Q65, The Pleasure Seekers, The Kinks, The MC5, The Misunderstood, The Belfast Gypsies, The Move, The Monks, The Creation, The Yardbirds, The Seeds, The Bush, Love, The Music Machine, The Phantom Brothers, Kim Fowley, The Missing Links, The Masters Apprentices, The Shangri-La’s, The Chocolate Watchband, Screaming Lord Sutch, The Downliners Sect, Meic Stevens, The Real Kids, The Damnation of Adam Blessing, The Outsiders, The Kinks, The Beat Merchants and The Pretty Things, and tons more.

I've launched this blogspot to keep our readers appraised of what's going on in the world of UGLY THINGS, including previews of upcoming stories, and exclusive content that for one reason or another wasn't included in the print edition.

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